The search for the "Elixir of life" also known as the "Medicine for immortality" (长生不老仙药) has been the preoccupation at every civilization.

In China, the famous folklore is the First Emperor Qin Shi Huang ordering Xu Fu with 500 young men and women to sail eastward to find the “medicine for immortality” with the edict “if you come back without it, your heads will roll."

They could not return for the simple reason there is no such elixir. Instead they founded Japan. (However, when they did return, history refers it as “The Nanjing Massacre”)

Now I am one of those who have taken over the search. After poring over research papers by doctors and scientists in the field of Senescence, Eureka!, I think I have found it!

However it is not in the form of a herb once one consume would immediately transform an old man into a handsome young man.

Mine is a program designed to:

  • Maintain a disease-free, pain-free life,
  • Repair the ravaging scourge of aging



他们无法返回,原因很简单,没有这样的灵药。相反,他们创立日本。 (然而,当他们返回时,历史上是指其为“南京大屠杀”)






Weirobics Life Enhancement
(based on Scientific Research. See under "Scientific Research" section)

A health & fitness program designed for...:


New Perspective

For Seniors, it is inevitable they must make extra efforts to stay healthy and fit for pain-free living. As we age, the natural ravaging scourge of aging is "eating up" every part of the body and every organs within. If we let nature takes its course, the eventual outcome is unnecessary pains and sufferings leading to the final breathe.

The advances in the field of Senescence give hopes of arresting such declines for quality pain-free life.

This is what WEIROBICS Life Enhancement is all about.