Q. What is Weirobics Life Enhancement?

A. It is a program that targets a quality lifespan free from misery and unnecessary pains and sufferings. There are 3 compenents to the program namely:

  • Weirobics Nutrition,
  • Weirobics Workout, and
  • Lifestyle Adjustments.

Q. What is Weirobics Nutrition?

It is also known as "day time body cleansing diet" © to counter free radicals, oxidative stress/damage, shortening telemeres accumulating in the body.

Q. What is Weirobics Workout?

It a "no pain, all gain" workout designed to boost blood flow to the brain bringing with it oxygen and nutrients to prevent brain shrinkage and deterioration.

Q. Is is possible to enhance quality lifespan?

A. Yes, based on research and studies done by doctors and scientists over the years.

Q. How is it done?

A. Based on these research and studies, Weirobics Life Enhancement does it by:

  • stimulating blood flow to the brain to prevent brain shrinkage and deterioration,
  • maintaining optimum body fat for optimum fitness.

Q. How is blood stimulated to the brain?

A. Via Weirobics Workout concentrating on the Upper Body.

Q. Why strengthening the upper body is important?

A. Humans tend to overuse their legs but neglect the uppoer body where all the vital organs are. (Could that be the reason why many are bed-ridden towards the end of their lifespan.)

Q. How is the optimum body fat maintained for optimum fitness?

A. Via Weirobics Diet formulated based on reduced calorie optimum nutrients.

Q. Why reducing calorie intake is important for prolonging lifespan?

A. Calorie intakes stimulate the production of IGF-1 which is a growth hormone for children growing up but an aging hormone for adults. By reducing calorie intakes for adults, it will correspondingly reduce the production of IGF-1.

Q. What are the benefits of having a quality lifespan?

A. We feel good and the nation needs not be burdened by unnecessary health cares.

(more to come...)

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